Influencing The Sex Of Offspring

Sexing embryos by staining is possible but it is time consuming and reduces the viability of some embryos.

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The Signs of Colic

If you are not unsure if it is an emergency ALWAYS contact a veterinarian IMMEDIATELY ALWAYS contact a Veterinarian IMMEDIATELY with reports of sick or injured horses.

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RABIES: WHAT IS THE RISK? If contracted, rabies is 100% fatal for humans and horses.

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Equine Herpesvirus (EHV) Information

Every few years, Equine Herpesvirus (EHV) makes its way into the horse world headlines. We hear terrifying stories about quarantine and crippling neuropathies, often leading to fear, blame, and miscommunication of information. Then, the commotion

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How to Vaccinate Your Horse

How to Vaccinate Your Horse. Some people wish to vaccinate their own horses for economic or other reasons. At Reata we want to see every horse in Southern Arizona properly vaccinated because we know that this is the best way to prevent potentially

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Why Your Veterinarian Should Be The One To Vaccinate Your Horse

A vaccination given to a horse by an owner or person other than a veterinarian may not produce the desired cost savings you may be looking for or the amount of protection your horse needs. Consider the following factors before deciding to administer

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Learn to Recognize the Signs of Laminitis

Every day veterinarians across the country see hundreds of cases of laminitis, a painful disease that affects the feet of horses. Laminitis results from the disruption of blood flow to the sensitive and insensitive laminae within the foot, which

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10 Tips for Weight Reduction in the Overweight Horse

As a horse owner, you play an important role in controlling your equine companion’s weight. Sound nutrition management, a regular exercise program and veterinary care are key to keeping your horse fit and healthy. Maintaining the ideal weight is not

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Be Prepared for an Equine Health Emergency

If you own horses long enough, sooner or later you are likely to confront a medical emergency. From lacerations to colic to foaling difficulties, there are many emergencies that a horse owner may encounter. You must know how to recognize serious

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Help your Foal Grow with Proper Nutrition

A healthy foal will grow rapidly, gaining in height, weight and strength almost before your eyes. From birth to age two, a young horse can achieve 90 percent or more of its full adult size, sometimes putting on as many as three pounds per day

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