What Tucson Horse Owners Need to Know About Equine Dentistry

From myths to superstitions to outdated medical facts, there’s plenty of misinformation floating around out there about equine health. To help keep you up to date, we’ve gathered a list of what Tucson horse owners need to know about equine dentistry. Whether you’re a casual rider of a pleasure mount or a competitive owner of an animal athlete, you know how important it is to stay informed about your horse’s health and medical care.


1. Young Horses Still Need Equine Dentistry

It’s a common myth among horse owners that younger horses don’t need dental care yet, and we honestly understand why it gets passed around. It’s easy to think that your horse doesn’t need proper equine dental care performed by a veterinarian here in Tucson until a health concern becomes apparent. Not only do younger horses need to get their teeth floated, they need to get checked over for signs of oral health problems that could cause a serious headache for owners and trainers later.

2. Not Just Anyone Can Float Your Horses Teeth

With the advancements in equine dentistry and power tool floating, you may be tempted to think that a non-veterinarian is capable of routine dental care. After all, power tools make the process quick and easy, right? The truth is that a skilled and highly qualified veterinarian is the only one who should be altering an animal’s teeth for health and safety reasons. If you ever feel like your horse isn’t getting the kind of expert dental care it needs to stay healthy, it might be time to explore another veterinary option.

3. Regular Care Doesn’t Mean Every Few Years

What does ‘regular dental care’ entail? This is a question that only your veterinarian can answer based on your animal’s individual medical situation. Some horses need annual visits while others can go a bit longer. Older horses will usually require a shorter span between visits, too.

If you have any questions about your horse’s specific equine dentistry needs, please feel free to reach out to us at Reata Equine Veterinary Group.

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