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You’ve heard all the catchy phrases and sayings about preventative care. One of our favorites is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially true for horses and their vaccinations. When it comes to some of the diseases your veterinarian vaccinates your horse against, it’s amazing how one little preventive measure

can save you from serious vet bills or worse. We’re here to help protect your horse from infectious diseases with affordable horse vaccines in Eloy and the surrounding communities.


A sick horse can be a bit of a handful. When they’re feeling under the weather, it can be tough to know what’s wrong without a vet on hand. Unlike with human illnesses, we’re not able to ask a horse for a list of their symptoms. While some diseases are more obvious, others may require some intense diagnostic testing. Treatments are guaranteed to be more complicated than a basic vaccine ever is, too. Depending on the disease in question, a horse may not be able to recover from their illness, or they may require intensive care and more expensive treatments.



Horse Vaccines in Eloy

Here in Southern Arizona, horse ownership is often a big part of the culture. That can also mean that diseases crop up from time to time. Some of the common vaccines for horses in Eloy are tetanus, encephalomyelitis (sleeping sickness), influenza, rhinopneumonitis, rabies, strangles, West Nile virus and Potomac Horse Fever. It’s important to get your horse onto a good immunization program to make sure they’re given the best odds at being fully protected from these diseases. Some vaccines need more regular boosters than others. The exact vaccines your horse needs will depend on a number of factors, including their environment, age, use, exposure risk and general management.


Reata Equine offers a Wellness Program to keep your horse safe with seasonally appropriate vaccines and parasite control. This helps keep your horse on track with preventive care and those important parts of horse ownership. If you have any questions about vaccines for your horses or about our Wellness Program, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.


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