Caring For Those Healthy Hooves Just Got Easier with Our Horse Vet in Wilcox


Your trusted steed stands tall every day. And as a rider, you constantly add the pressure of mounting and riding them, putting strain on their hooves.

When you consult with a horse vet in Wilcox to maintain hoof health, you stave off problems like:  

  •         Poor shoeing straining flexor tendons, coffin bone, and supporting ligaments
  •         Hoof cracks caused by poor weather, long toes, or poor hoof quality
  •         Thrush that occurs in soiled and wet conditions
  •         An abscess or an infection in the hoof's sole caused by a trauma or bruising
  •       Laminitis or swelling of lamina tissue in the hoof 

At Reata Equine Veterinary Group, we conduct regular inspections of your horse's hooves to identify these issues and get them treated immediately.  

Here are some essential care tips recommended by our specialists:


Maintain Hoof Hygiene

Trim the hooves of your steed as frequently as every three weeks for the best conformation. Inspect their feet to see if there are any rocks, mud, or small debris sticking to them.

Clean the hooves with a pick and brush almost daily. This way, you can spot problems like thrush or white-line disease before they become dangerous.

Healthy Diet Is Essential

With proper nutrition, you can prevent many hoof problems in your horse. Hay enriched with the best nutrients can help. Feed your horse with supplements of proteins, vitamins, and trace minerals, as well. You may also ask our horse vet in Wilcox to set up a proper equine diet plan.

Ensure Lots of Movement and Exercise

Movement leads to better blood circulation in the hooves. Also, exercise keeps your horse in perfect shape with toned and flexible muscles.

In some cases, obesity can be an underlying cause of hoof problems like Laminitis. Hence, our vets recommend regular exercise for horses. However, do not forget conditioning your horse before putting them into a rigorous regimen.

Visit Our Horse Vet in Wilcox to Tackle Any Hoof Problems

With preventive care, you can avoid the incidence of hoof problems. But, if your horse has improper hoof balance, issues like Laminitis can happen. At the Reata Equine Veterinary Group, we have a team of vets and farriers to deal with these problems.

Our wellness programs help to diagnose the diseases, identify the risk factors, and suggest the best treatments accordingly. Click here to reach our experts with any questions.


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