Wellness Program
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Our Well-Care Program

Our program consists of spring and fall visits where we get to know you and your horse.

This relationship is vital in the event of an emergency or serious illness.

A thorough physical exam is performed where your horse lives. General body condition, body weight, mouth, eyes, ears, legs, feet, back, heart, lungs, and sand accumulation are evaluated. The feed ration is also reviewed.

Seasonally appropriate vaccines are administered and parasite control is discussed.

All findings and suggestions for management of your horse are discussed with you at the time of the visit.

You will receive a written report that includes findings and suggestions to help you maintain your horse's health and soundness and keep your ownership experience joyful.

Horse ownership is a joy

At Reata Equine we understand the joy of caring for a horse. Our Wellness Program gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a healthy and happy horse.
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Membership Advantages

Peace of mind in knowing you have taken the steps necessary to keep your horse healthy, pain free and protected from serious disease.
Colic prevention: we review what you are feeding your horse to be sure he is getting what he needs. We also ask about feeding practices; check for sand accumulation; take the steps necessary for parasite control and perform a dental check. We can do all these things in a few minutes and dramatically reduce the chance of your horse becoming sick with colic.
Lameness prevention: we want your horse to be pain free and performing happily. Sore feet, stiff joints, sore backs are common and often go unnoticed, making your horses daily existence painful. We check for these problems on each visit and when we find a problem we make recommendations for management. What we really like to do however, is prevent them from happening in the first place. This begins with proper hoof care and shoeing. Maintaining proper hoof balance is crucial in the effort to prevent lameness. We monitor your horses hoof balance on each visit and make recommendations for any changes that may be needed.
10% discount on Digital X-Ray Hoof Balance Study when scheduled during Hoof Balance Months (July & December)
10% discount on Routine Blood Work.
15% discount on Dentistry when scheduled during dental months (January & August)
10% discount on fecal exam to check for intestinal parasite
Protection from high emergency costs:
if your horse is enrolled and in good standing* in the REATA WELL-CARE PROGRAM we will reduce the emergency call fee by $50 in the event that one of Reata's veterinarians needs to see your horse on an emergency basis.
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How Does the Program Work?

We provide twice a year visits to review your horse’s health and administer seasonally appropriate vaccinations.

We get to know you and your horse, and give you the knowledge and tools to maintain your horse’s health and soundness. In the event of an emergency or serious illness our relationship can make all the difference.

The Reata office will call you spring and fall to schedule your horse’s visits. We will make every attempt to accommodate your schedule, so you can be at the visit if you choose.
  • Physical exams to evaluate: body condition, mouth, eyes, ears, legs, feet, back, heart, lungs, blood, sand accumulation, and movement at a trot
  • Feeding practice review
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite control consultation + fecal exam
  • Simple explanation of all findings
  • Written report of findings and suggestions
Reata has three equine veterinarians to care for your horse. You may request the veterinarian of your choice and every attempt will be made to accommodate your wishes. We do like to have all of our veterinarians become familiar with all of our patients and their owners in case someone other than your usual Reata veterinarian is on call when your horse needs a veterinarian.
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Free to Join

Joining our Wellness Program is a simple way to ensure your horse stays in the best possible health.
Simply fill out the enrollment form and return it to Reata Equine Veterinary Group.

Reata Equine Veterinary

Reata Equine Veterinary Group is a full-service mobile equine-only veterinary practice in Southern Arizona dedicated to providing the best medical and wellness care for your horse.

Horse ownership is a joy

24/7 Emergency Services

If you call the office with an emergency during regular hours our friendly staff will listen to your emergency and provide immediate help. If the emergency happens after hours, call (520) 749-1446 and the answering machine will connect you to the veterinarian on call so that you receive the help you need.

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