Equine Podiatry

Equine Podiatry Plays a big role in preventing lameness

Lameness is the number one cause of economic loss in the equine industry. Maintaining proper hoof balance is the key to keeping your horse happy and pain free. Improper hoof balance is the number one cause of equine lameness. An unbalanced hoof can lead to permanent lameness problems like ring bone, navicular disease, bowed tendon and arthritis. At Reata we take the time to evaluate your horse’s hoof balance and track the risk factors that lead to lameness at each wellcare visit. If we find something wrong, we make suggestions for correcting unbalanced feet before a problem occurs. If radiographs are needed to properly assess hoof balance problems, we provide those at a discount during the months of July and December. The images are made available to the farrier and a consult with the farrier is included in the cost.

Laminitis is a deadly and painful disease of the horse’s foot but with proper care we can dramatically reduce the chances that your horse will contract this disease. Our wellness program is designed to track the risk factors that lead to laminitis and help you prevent it before it occurs.

Preventative care also plays a big role in equine podiatry

Through dietary control, exercise recommendations, proper shoeing and metabolic control, we can dramatically reduce the incidence of laminitis in our patients. Enrollment in our free wellness plan is a great way to make sure your horse is being examined by one of our veterinarians frequently enough to prevent these problems.

If you have any questions about your horse’s hoof health or the farriers we use please feel free to reach out to us.

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